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Indicative Events

Our company "Fireworks Hellas" is cooperating with the best production of fireworks in Europe (Spain, Italy) and the People's Republic of China.

We are able to present the most spectacular there is in the global market. There are over 1000 different designs and colors, able to satisfy your requirements for any occasion.

  1.   Municipality of Thessaloniki
  2.   International exhibition of Thessaloniki
  3.   Municipality Verginas – Night Olympic Flame 2004
  4.   Municipality of Serres – Night Olympic Flame 2004
  5.   Municipality Florina – Night Olympic Flame 2004
  6.   Municipality Samothrakis – Festival Samothrakis 2002
  7.   Opening Department Store IKEA 2001
  8.   Aristotelous Square Amstel Final Champion League 2005
  9.   Final Volleyball Final Four 2005-Closed Field P.A.O.K March 2005
  10.   Final Volleyball Hercules-Olympiakos 2005
  11.   State Award of Thessaloniki Concert Hall
  12.   Opening New City Hall of Thessaloniki
  13.   Opening New Beach municipality of Thessaloniki
  14.   Opening Swimming Pool Toumpas municipality of Thessaloniki
  15.   Events NOESIS Planetarium
  16.   Municipality of Thessaloniki – Night Olympic Flame of Beijing in Thessaloniki
  17.   Fashion Show in Aristotelous square of Thessaloniki
  18.   Rise in SUPER LEAGUE Team Panserraikos
  19.   Happening Companies Events
  20.   Event of Conquest Final Cup PAOK 2017
  21.   90 years PAOK in Music Hall Thessaloniki
  22.   Event of the American Consulate in the Aldebaran Music Hall Thessaloniki
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